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Window Tint Tampa Bay Solar Film, Sales and Services

TintWorks is a family-owned and operated window tinting company servicing the entire Tampa Bay area. Services available for all of your Residential, Commercial and Automotive needs. Our work is always backed by a lifetime warranty. Ready to save money, protect and secure your home and business? Get free estimates and evaluations, with no obligation. TintWorks will meet or beat ANY competitor's written estimate. Learn more about TintWorks.

Window Film Saves Money and Protects Your Home

Photo of piggy bank on top of money Treating windows with environmentally friendly window film will reduce 79% of heat that enters through windows. This will drastically reduce your energy bill.

In the Tampa Bay area, both Duke Energy and TECO offer window film rebates for installing this environmentally friendly film and reducing the amount of energy used. Links for applications and information below.

Stop 99% of harmful UV rays that help reduce the effects of fading to your furnishings, flooring, artwork, and even window treatments.

Reduces Glare - especially for those structures that face East or West.

Window Film Rebate and Incentive Programs:

Tax Breaks

Earn tax incentives for helping the environment while you also add value to your own property. For more information visit the US Department of Energy Tax Incentives page.

Safety and Protection

Vector icon of a storm cloud Window film dramatically increases the strength and resilience of your windows during hurricanes and tropical storms. It will significantly increase the safety and security of your home or office by adding extra protection against glass breakage.

Unlike hurricane shutters or plywood, window film installation is a one time application that protects 24/7 with no extra hassles on your part.

There are various home owners insurance discounts available for hurricane protection window treatments.